How far do you go when it comes to luxury items in your kitchen?

Luxury gadgets to make life easy

There is nothing better than having a little luxury in your life. Most of us are lucky enough to have a little bit and it all comes in different ways. From luxury holidays to clothing to beauty products oh and luxury cars the list could go on.

 These are all lovely but for me nothing beats luxury in your home. This is where you spend most of your time. So why not make it beautiful and enjoyable.

 So which room in a house is likely to have the most luxurious products?

This has got to be the kitchen? There is almost an unlimited supply of amazing gadgets available, but which ones would you go for and why? Here are my top picks on products for a kitchen in no particular order and the reasons why choosing these products could change the way you cook and generally make your life easier. If your anything like me then an easy life is on top of my list.

#1 Quooker Boiling Water Tap

Quooker is one of those inventions that just makes sense. Allowing you to maximise your worktop space especially if its limited is a brilliant bonus. You can say goodbye to a kettle if you get one of these . Supplying filtered and boiling hot water straight through a tap. Quooker offer these brilliant taps in a few colours, however I also know that there is a company out there that work closely with people in the Interior business that are able to give these Quooker taps the finish that you really desire. For example if the range doesn’t come in a colour that suits you this company can design and manufacture to your chosen colour. It could be Copper, Gold, White or Grey? Just check these colours out.

Quooker. No more kettles. This gives you boiling water directly.

Quooker. No more kettles. This gives you boiling water directly.

So this little beauty comes with the following which if your a coffee geek ( Coffee was my previous business) then you will know…….

 Coffee beans & ground coffee

 Integrated grinder & milk frother

 Tank capacity: 1.8 litres

 15-bar pressure

 So forget all the coffee machines that clutter your worktops and consider one of these beauties. Easy to work and easy to clean yessssss.

#3 Down draft Extractor

Siemens Down draft Extractor
Now this is a piece of great engineering and a must for those of you that wish to add their hob to a kitchen island in the middle of a room. Or those of you living in an apartment? Something we have come up against in our cottage renovation. Check out the video above.

How sleek does that look ? clean cut and non - obtrusive. It doesn’t gather dust and is easy to clean, now that really is a luxury. Its also touch control to make it even more convenient.

#4 Wine Cooler

This has got to be the ultimate in luxury appliances for anyone’s kitchen.

There are quite a few ranges that you can choose from as well as sizes. What I think is brilliant about these wine coolers is that they have dual temperatures. This allows you to adjust the temperature to suit the wine. Even better knowing that it is all under control because let’s face it, who likes warm White wine or cold Red wine? No issues with this when you are lucky enough to have this luxury in your kitchen.

 Now there are others places that you could go for a wine cooler but to get the service and to help you to understand what is available, with this particular product, as it can be so confusing trying to find out which one will suit your needs. It isn’t quite as easy and clear cut as say the Down draft extractor.

 I was lucky enough to come across Elite a one stop shop for all the wine coolers you can find. They explain it in a way that makes the whole selection part so simple. I love to support small businesses where possible. If your the same here’s the chance.

 So for those of you that are updating or refurbishing your kitchen and are interested in these products I have supplied an easy link for all products and where you can find them.

Let me know below in the comments section which of these gorgeous luxuries you have or if you already have one or two or even all of them.

Love Claire x


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