Here's a glimpse of how our bathroom will be designed.

Decisions Decisions Decisions

So as you know if your following our cottage renovations you will have noticed that we are doing the upstairs first. So this includes 3 bedrooms (was four but we knocked a wall down to make a huge master bedroom) hallway which is compact and a small family bathroom.

We have been having the discussions on how we are going to manage the bathroom design and how we are going to incorporate a bath tub as well as a shower.

Due to the bathroom being small we have had a debate on whether we should just have a double shower with no bath and have a bath downstairs in the utility area bathroom. My argument to this is that if we eventually sell to a family that has young children your not going to want to go all the way downstairs to run a bath for a baby or child. Its far more convenient to have a bath upstairs beside the bedrooms as we all know if we have had children its usually bath time and bed. This is a relaxing time to get your child sleepy and to then relax them in a bath and then carry them through the lounge with the TV on etc is kind of defeating the object.

So I have managed to persuade my man of the house to go with the bath upstairs with an overhead shower if needed and then a double walk in wet room downstairs. Just off the utility room. We haven’t disagreed on anything apart from this but looking ahead and asking others the question it seems that a bath upstairs should be the way to go.

So below are the photos of the bathroom, as you can see the space is limited but with our planning I think we can utilise everything really well. We are going to jiggle what you see below around. The free standing bath with feet will sit where the old one is, where the sink is at the moment the toilet will sit and flick through the images and you’ll see the wall adjacent to the sink at present this is a great size for two his and her sinks.

All walls will be tiled apart from the window wall which is way to curvy and uneven for tiles. This is where I can add a splash of colour. Which will be a dark Navy Blue. Not forgetting that beautiful beam needs taking back to a nice oak colour. The ceiling will be ripped down and vaulted to expose the beautiful beams in the loft. Using the space above will automatically make the bathroom feel a lot bigger than it is.

I want to have a mix of old and new and am really going to enjoy doing this room.

Here are some of my ideas that I have managed to find images of on the wonderful Pinterest, lets start with the walls.

I love subway tiles for the clean cut appearance they give but we are both a little tired of the way they are usually laid in the brick pattern. Laying them in a parquet pattern really lifts the room and again can make the room look wider than it is. I first saw this in a restaurant toilet which was tiny and was amazed how this made the toilet seem less compact. The grout won’t be Black, White or Grey. I am going with a Navy Blue to match the paint on the window wall. The taps will be black coming out of the wall but will be positioned in the middle of the bath and the shower head will be coming out of the wall at the end. You may ask me Black and how will that go with Navy Blue walls, well the Navy Blue will be very dark so you wont noticed

Atom Interior Styling Home bathroom

We hope to get an old bath from a reclamation yard and the plan then is for me to get the bottom part sprayed Navy Blue as well as the feet. Hopefully we can find one that still has the good enamel inside but I’m not holding my breath. We may need to look up someone that is local that can re enamel. Luckily we live near a guy that sells antique bathrooms so I’m guessing he will know all the in’s and out’s


The flooring will be tiled but a different shape and size to the wall tiles.

Again they will be grouted using Navy Blue grout. I love the hexagonal tiles and they can go with may styles of bathrooms. Make sure you use the coloured grout to make them stand out.


Finally the two sinks will be placed on an old piece of furniture. Like the one pictured below. I haven’t found this piece yet so this will all depend on the sourcing. If not then I may have to re think. The sinks I am still trying to decide if I would like them sunken into the piece of furniture I hope to get or marble worktop and two White rectangular sinks on top!!!! Again with black taps coming out from the wall to match the other taps within the bathroom.

The sink pictured in the second image, I really love and would go for this if we had a concrete wall to put it on. It really matches the roll top baths but we cant have it all.

The lighting in this bathroom will be wall lighting beside the two mirrors above the sinks and possibly a couple of spots, depending on whether we can fit them in, as the ceiling is being knocked down allowing it to be vaulted once the insulation has been added then there may well be not enough depth. Lets wait and see.

So overall this is the colour scheme and style of bathroom I am looking at just can’t wait to get to this stage.

I always welcome others to share their creative flair and would love to see bathrooms that you have designed and are proud of. Please comment below and send through you pictures and I will share them in another blog.

Love Claire x

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