A Small Bathroom doesn't mean you have to lose out. Find out how you can have everything you need in a small area.

Bathroom Suites For Small Bathrooms

A lot of people have the idea that you need to keep a small bathroom minimal. Meaning people tend to not be so creative when designing them.

A small bathroom can be challenging but it is such a great place to show your creativity and style.

I believe that when designing a small space with a complete bathroom suite, you need to consider a few points.

  • Is this your forever home? or are you planning to move in the not to distant future?

  • How many people do you have living in your home?

  • Is this the only room to have a full bathroom suite?

  • Are there any special requirements needed?

My first point is really important. If you are unsure as to whether you are in your forever home it is always a safe option to design your bathroom for a family. For an example, if you are a couple in a two or three bedroom property and never use a bath and this is the only bathroom in the house and its lacking in size so you decide to put a nice double walk in shower because that suits you at the time. You may want to re consider, not having a bath in a house can put a potential buyer off, especially if they have a family or are considering having one.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a shower. We all love separate showers but sometimes this isn’t viable in a small bathroom. There are so many beautiful baths available that you can add a shower too and that doesn’t have to be your standard bath up against a wall. The freestanding baths look beautiful with the ceiling hung shower rail and two curtains draped either side, with the shower positioned in the middle of the bath rather than an end.

Don’t forget that If this traditional look doesn’t suit you then there are so many other choices of bathroom suites that include shower screens that are less obvious and match with the overall decor of the walls.

Thinking about how many people are in your home can be a deciding factor on how you utilise your space for storage.

When the space is limited I would recommend using free standing or wall hung bathroom furniture and bathroom storage. It gives the feeling of more floor space. Especially if you can incorporate lighting beneath and above. Having plenty of storage for all the family can be tough however there are options to suit all styles if your style is more of a clean lined and modern feel then this could be something you prefer. Compact and tidy.

I love adding storage in different ways and using shelving and baskets. If your one of my readers you will know our cottage renovation is more of a traditional style and I love using different textures in the bathroom from ceramic to natural wood and to glass and marble.

Mirrors are really important in a small bathroom, they reflect light especially if placed in the correct places. Mirrors in bathrooms are more often than not added to a wall mounted cabinet or unframed glass. I love to see a mirror that you would usually see in another room of the house. This brings character into your bathroom and continues your style and theme if you have one throughout the home.

After doing research for my own home finding somewhere that you can get full bathroom suites is so much easier. Bathroom City is one of those sites when you get everything you need and a bonus is you can chat with someone online straight away and tell them your needs and requirements.

So come on show your creative style, measure up and design you small bathroom and have it delivered to your door. If your going to buy your full bathroom suite then you will also get free shipping. They also have a rather handy sale on at the moment.

Happy bathing

Love Claire x