How are you helping to fight the war on plastics?

The more I learn about this the more I am wanting to help get people to Think Realise and Take Action

If you follow my blog or even if you don’t you can look back on other areas where I cover the plastic war we are fighting. I don’t always write about Interiors because having worked for a short period for South Hams Council in the recycling department many years ago. I was made aware of how we were progressing back then and it was all positive. We had a member of the team going out to schools to show the children how to recycle properly etc etc. Having watched the recent documentary by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, I feel even more up for battling this personally but also trying to make others aware . For those of you that missed it you can catch it on the BBC iplayer and then continue to watch the 3 following episodes every Monday at 9pm.

The main thing that have stuck in my head are not only the amount of plastic that is killing our oceans but the UK rubbish that ends up in another country and just left!!!!!!!!! shameful I was amazed to see just one of the illegal dumps in Malaysia where the waste is just dumped and left, washing into the waterways of their beautiful country. Green peace have uncovered this in the programme revealing a variety of British food companies Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Flora, plus others and more disturbing still, our recycling sacks.

When we recycle at home we think we are doing good don’t we???? separating everything into the correct sacks and bins however why are our recycling sacks ending up in these illegal dumps in Malaysia? Recycling is not working!

One of the local campaigners in Malaysia that was included in the documentary said….

“Please do not dump what you don’t want on our backyard, you are rich and we are a developing nation”

I felt utterly ashamed when I heard him say that.

War on Plastic BBC 1 Part one of three episodes Monday 10th 17th 24th 9pm

War on Plastic BBC 1 Part one of three episodes Monday 10th 17th 24th 9pm

What I would love to start finding out more is what our local schools are selling to our children??? even small or larger local businesses what are they selling to their staff?

Children are the future as we know and Schools are the place to teach them life skills (however that’s another issue I have with whats is taught regarding proper life skills ie whats a mortgage etc but that’s for another time) sorry back to this blog, I was amazed to hear that one local school sells lots of water in plastic bottles, fizzy drink in plastic bottles, muffins in crinkled plastic bags which cannot be recycled plus more. They may well have a good recycling system in place and the children are told where the water filling stations are but to be honest as you can see from above no matter how much we recycle its not working so how about teaching our children not to buy it in the first place? What you don’t have you don’t miss. My down fall is crisps and I am going to looking into other options because as we know they also cannot be recycled. May help me lose some weight Ha!

So I am asking schools now what do they sell in the canteens and will will also start asking bigger local businesses what they offer in their canteens.

Bringing the whole water bottle issue up and how drinking tap water actually has all the goodness of bottled water (calcium, magnesium) in the UK is now what should be happening. He is so right when he says its a no brainier to ditch the water that comes in plastic. Not only is it causing a massive part of the war on plastic but its also costing us a fortune out our hard earned cash. The only people that are benefiting are the companies.

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Hilarious to see Hugh in the street with his own bottled water, it was called Tapin Eau, bottling it up into nice glass bottles and giving it to people in the street to see what they thought of his lovely bottled water, the tasters saying wow what beautiful water it was and that it tasted like mountain fresh water. Only to find out they were all drinking water from the tap???? so yes its a no brainier. I would love to see at least our local schools act and stop selling the bottled water and will keep going until i can get people on board.

Please don’t just read this please can you comment after asking your children, grandchildren, godchildren friends, teachers, work colleagues whoever what they sell in their school or businesses big or large and then I can start getting this out there and move forward with it and a petition depending on the feedback I can get. Lets stop the plastic in our schools and in our work places. Without the facts from our local schools and businesses this can’t move forward. Again as I have said before if I am wrong and schools aren’t selling plastics then i shall rest my case.

So come on Readers/Subscribers/family send me your comments PLEASE. BELOW