Are you confused over which wood flooring is best for you ? Here is my guide to wood flooring.

Engineered Wood Flooring?


So many of us now are using wood flooring throughout our homes.

I personally love wood floors and will not have carpet in our home again. Living with a Springer Spaniel no matter how many times he gets clipped can scatter his hair over the carpet. For me wood flooring is the way to go when you have pets. A few rugs large and small and that’s perfect for me.

The question is though which type of flooring should we go for ? having done another load of research this time of Engineered wood flooring I have found some answers.

If you are living in an old Victorian home the likely hood of you having original solid wood flooring is very high, although as much as we get excited about pulling some old carpet up to find that old wood floor beaten and battered. So do we strip back and sand down and replace the old broken planks with new???? or do we go with a uniformed look throughout the home? because again getting original flooring throughout the entire house nowadays is usually unheard of. As you know through the decades carpet was stuck down or planks taken up to replace broken ones leaving a patchwork of glued and damaged ones.

So as to not confuse any more I am going to give you a guide as to what Engineered wood flooring is and what it can do for you in your home.

  • Engineered wood flooring is a thin layer of hardwood on top of a high quality plywood. Its is easy to use in comparison to solid wood flooring. If doing it yourself. Always make sure you know what your doing before laying a floor. If unsure ask for advice.

  • It is moisture resistant. Thanks to the plywood base it deals with moisture a lot better than Solid wood.

  • You can use engineered wood flooring over the top of underfloor heating. These are just a few of the plus reasons.

Photo by   Erick Palacio

Photo by
Erick Palacio

If you would like wood flooring throughout your home and can’t restore your original wood flooring then for a practical flooring that is great value and quality I would definitely look at using engineered wood flooring through the lounge , bedroom and hallway upstairs.

All high traffic areas like the main entrance hall, bathrooms and kitchen i would go for tiles. The variety of tiles and patterns you can get are amazing but that’s another blog post.

The beauty of using both Engineered wood flooring and tiles is being able to introduce different textures to your home. Giving it character.

So to help my subscribers and readers to shop interiors as always I find you some great places to source the subject which today as you’ve read is Engineered Wood Flooring. You may say you prefer to go to a show room but when you find a company that has both a showroom and a website shop its always a bonus. I actually love sending off for samples and placing them directly in my home, feeling them and having the samples in the place your going to use them it can help you make your choices and decide. Being in a showroom with so much on offer can sometimes blow your mind.

Check out Flooring 365 and get ordering your sample. Before you do have a think about the options ,

What is your budget,

What type of wood (African Teak, Walnut,oak etc)

What thickness

What Width and lastly what colour!

As I said there is so much to choice.

I Would love to see some pictures of your wood flooring, so message below and send them over.

Love Claire


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