What are your favourite high street Interior stores?

Here are my favourites!

These days we have a vast amount of places to shop due to the wonders of the online stores. As well as those lovely unique small shops on our high streets (I will do another post on our lovely local shops so watch out for that one).

So much to chose from I thought I would take you through some stores that I have used for clients in the past. The great thing is they have some great sales and offers so it’s always helpful when you are first time buyer and in need of a house full of furniture. Or if you doing up a room at home. Easy shopping as everything is categorised.

So here are my top online stores and in no particular order.

#1 Habitat

Habitat always has such a great selection of side tables there are so many to choose from, they have such a vast range that would suit any style of room. May I also remind you that most of them are currently in the sale. So check out below!.

#2 Maison Du Monde

So these really do have everything. I have to admit I have fallen in love with a lot of the outside garden furniture the great thing is they offer something other than the standard Rattan furniture that you find on the high street. Sorry guys if you’ve got Rattan. Time for a change and get some eye catching chairs and loungers. The use of materials are fab and not one piece is the same.

#3 La Redoute

I bet you thought La Redoute was just for clothing and not for Interiors! well I discovered these when I was sourcing the furniture for a complete house. The products are great quality and again offer something a little different . There is something for everyone’s taste and also at really reasonable prices.

#4 Sofas & Stuff

Sofas and stuff are a company that will offer you the investment piece of furniture that we all need in our home. Sofa’s, Beds and Mattresses. I particularly like this company because they are bespoke and made in Britain. Something we really need to support nowadays.

These are just a handful of stores that I think you will love, I have many more up my sleeve. Samples coming out of my ears and brochures taking up all my storage, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s your favourite place to shop for your home or business Interiors and why ? you never know you may have a little gem that I don’t know about!

Click on the links to discover some gorgeous gems

Happy Shopping


Claire x