Love Island 2019 and why I am writing about it!!!!!!

Love Island and my thoughts

I have to say I have never watched Love Island and sorry folks that love it. I don’t intend to start. The only thing that I was hoping to ogle at was the garden design and not to mention the interior.

Being online frequently you get to see whats happening and the trends and I think the biggest thing at the moment people are watching is LOVE ISLAND. So having a browse I came up with the villa that they’re using this year. I thought i would write about the garden and what I think of the design. Lets start with the external lounging area.

My verdict for this is Flat. To me there is no vava voom. I mean I know they’re young but this looks like a kindergarten play area. It’s not glamorous in any way and if I’m being really honest it does nothing for the beautiful property that its adjoined too. I mean we all love a comfy bed especially outside in the gorgeous Spanish sun but it doesn’t shout comfort to me. So after having to find a space to put that huge bolster because around the bed could be lethal after a few drinkies, not much space and tripping up could be on the cards. Are they even allowed to drink ??? shows how much I know about it. If you decide to leave it on the bed then lets hope your short because my legs would certainly be hanging off the end.

My conclusion for this area is the lack of patterns, nice garden scatter cushions instead of those awful and unpractical bolster cushions. A couple of garden rugs around the bed and the colour of the bedding is a massive NO NO when the girls are bound to be starting off with bottled tan! mmm really attractive when you leave a big Brown stain on the bed!!!!! If brights are the way to go then scrap the neon colours and leave that to the neon lighting. If the theme is Neon then how about going the whole hog and spraying the beds in a funky graffiti effect! It looks like they couldn’t decide whether to go wacky or whether to be sensible.

The colour of the Bright pink should be switched with a lighter Pink or Coral. Giving a lovely Miami beach effect.

atom interior styling love island garden.jpg
Spraying the beds with a funky affect would make the whole design look less indecisive.

Spraying the beds with a funky affect would make the whole design look less indecisive.

Classy Miami look Subtle but distinctive

Classy Miami look Subtle but distinctive

Next up is the kitchen. I love this is inside, outside kitchen. A real party kitchen. As Jona Lewie will say, you will always find me in the kitchen at parties. The one thing I would’ve suggested is that those seats look so uncomfortable. After being in the sun all day and maybe a little hot the last thing you want is to stick to the seats. I could be wrong but they look like leatherette to me. Easy to add some nice cushions.I would’ve been a little more generous with the size of the coffee table but other than that this space is ok.

atom interior styling love island bar.jpg

Now the lawn and pool area. The pool is gorgeous and relaxing and so glamorous until you look at the giant kiddies hacky sacks set out,it looks as if there is a sports day planned. Anyone for a three legged race?

On the plus side the lighting is gorgeous and gives off such a lovely atmosphere when its dark. These will definitely going up in our little cottage garden. Why not add some cute chairs and little tables? I mean bean bags aren’t especially elegant getting in and out of are they?

atom interior styling Love island.jpg

So really. My personal choice is that I feel the outside space has been designed around a beautiful traditional villa with a great space and gorgeous swimming pool but the accessories are somewhat dull. With not much imagination.

Now I would love some feedback on if you agree with how I would design this space. Let me know your thoughts or even how you would change style the area. Just write you comments below.

My ideas for Love Island outdoor space.

atom interior styling

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Love Claire x

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