Want to see why I love doing what I do?

Want to see how I got into Interiors? and how I love progression

In life most of us have to work for a number of reasons but mainly to pay the day to day bills. Are you doing a job that you love? or is it convenient? are you following a passion?

I have spent my working life drifting through many different jobs since leaving school. Today I am going to share with you a little insight into my working life and how I have loved being in control of finding a career that suits me with some great jobs along the way and some that I have had to do to get the bills paid.

Since leaving school I went straight into work on a Youth trainee scheme within the retail fashion industry and loved it. I have had a vast range of jobs from working for M&S in the food hall to becoming a visual merchandiser in the men’s and later the home ware section. One of my favourite jobs. This gave me an idea of how I loved working with Interiors and displaying them in a way that caught peoples eyes. Plus as a child I was always changing my bedroom around, I loved to re decorate (or get Dad to), especially with the Red, White Grey and Black of the late 80’s, I love remembering what I classed as a stylish bedroom matching curtains, bedspread and lamps ha! oh how trends have changed sorry where was I? my next job was working within the recycling department for South Hams Council another passion of mine is keeping the planet clean and helping towards being plastic free. I later went on to become self employed and became the UK Distributor for an American Rust Prevention paint (automotive) and a New York Car detailing product, which has seen me travel to New York and the states for this and I’m still selling a Whitewall Tyre Paint for classic cars and bikes bet you didn’t know that!

My journey then went to a completely different different track . I purchased an old American Air stream In which I turned into a little business called the Retro Coffee Company and the air stream was named the Atomic Cafe, travelling round events and festivals selling ground coffee and milkshakes meeting so many people and what I loved about this was designing the whole look of my business from the logo to what we should wear and how to display the gorgeous cakes and deciding the menu.

I sold the air stream and decided I would like to make the cafe a more permanent fixture so I took a gamble and went for a small slot in a indoor food market, this was probably a move that I wish I didn’t make although again I Loved doing it for the time I was there and being able to design the look of the cafe has really helped me decide that Interior are where I should be going. Don’t get me wrong I adored working in my air stream and with my gorgeous girls but it was a hard and tiring job, not only hitching up and towing but the constant on your feet from 7 till sometimes 1 am and although the cafe was slightly easier it didn’t bring me the joy that I am getting now with writing and Styling. My next step was to take on a diploma for Interior design and to fit it around working full time back in admin to keep my bills at bay.

So here I am today, after working full time to fund my business and as I said to pay the bills, I can finally see that what I am doing is finally fuelling a huge Passion within the Interiors Industry. Slowly slowly but when your marketing and doing it all yourself and keeping the bills paid it can take longer than hoped. Now with a bit of progression of my blog, I am now writing articles for other companies which I love doing. Not only that but I am now an Interior Expert for Wayfair .

Screenshot (14).png

This is a great thing for me as I have mentioned I love writing and giving advise and its great to give it to a larger audience.

So as you can see I love the word Progression. I am someone that will keep going and going until I can see something working. My head may be scrabbled with not only Interiors but also teaching myself the do’s and dont’s of marketing a business but I have to say I am loving my journey. From writing, to offering Interior Styling services to stocking some beautiful products which I hope will only get bigger and bigger with time.

I have my eyes on something that could give me a more physical base as well as online. So lots in the pipeline.

I would also like to ask my readers for a favour , if you read my blog I guess you like what I have to say and enjoy reading it, I have been nominated for the GoodWebGuide Awards so if you fancy clicking here? and voting for me that would be so good and thank you in advance.

I would really love to know my readers a little more and find out what your passions are,,doesn’t have to be anything to do with Interiors I would just like to know if your following your passion or just have it as a hobby?

i also forward to sharing more and more interior and lifestyle blog posts and helping with a little inspiration for your homes or businesses.

Don’t forget to tell me what your passions are when it comes to your working life. I love to inspire people but I also love to be inspired too.

Love Claire x