Have you got a business? does it catch peoples eye? here is why Interior Styling is so important to your business.

Business and Interior Styling

If you a business owner and have clients or customers that come to see you, then you have to give them an experience that will stay with them.

You may have amazing products, you may offer a brilliant service but without a little care in your business premises then it can set you back and cause an obstacle.

There are a variety of businesses out there that can benefit from Interior Styling. Even if your office based. This is a great way to make not only your clients say wow when they first walk in but to also make a comfortable and pleasing to the eye work space for your staff.

So what colours should we use in an office and this is where a little colour psychology comes in the practice.

So depending on what type of business you are depends on the colour you may choose. If you are a business that is creative for example Design, anything from web design to clothing design then the creative colour to decorate your office would be Yellow. Its an invigorating colour but use it wisely not the whole office. If your limited with what you can paint try changing the colour of the seating. Add some wall art with the splash of colour.

Photo from Poppin.com

Photo from Poppin.com

If you need to keep productive and positive then Blue is the colour for you although adding a settling colour like an Orange gives you a little emotion to the area. Again if too many colours are not for you take the example below and add a gorgeous vase of Orange Flowers. Imagine a splash of colour like that on the desk. Against that Dark Blue it would look gorgeous.

atom interior styling Blue Interior.jpg

So as we know there are other businesses that have a constant flow of people in throughout the day, just like coffee shops. Interior Styling plays a huge factor in your customers opinions of your coffee shop and of course how your coffee actually tastes does help.

Coffee Shop owners often forget that its not just about displaying the food beautifully but also make the counter top appealing whilst people are queuing to order or pay. A perfect way to incorporate those add on sales. Something that looks appealing is going to get you more sales.

Atom Interior Styling for Business.jpg

Industrial looks are great using different textures and then adding a blast of colour of a statement wall like the one below . Your customers are sat for a fair amount of time, whilst sipping coffee or chatting with friends. You want to make them stay and feel comfortable. So using textures and not forgetting Lush Green plants can make if feel relaxed. and bring a slight homely feel. You want your customers to feel comfortable invigorated, whilst giving somewhere stylish to hang out with their family and friends.

atom interior styling office space.jpg

Lastly don’t forget about the front entrance to your business. This is where your going to draw your clients or customers in. If office based. Make the communal entrance area smell good, look fresh and clean and tidy. A shop front needs to look different to everyone else a way to achieve this is lighting, a Neon sign looks fab in the window.

Interior Styling is an important part of designing your business and maintaining a strong brand that people want to keep coming back to again and again.

Making your business a success in more ways than one. Styling it correctly also brings your style to the customer.

Enjoy your week folks

Love Claire x