5 Different Interior styling ways to display your favourite books.

Do you read books? Or do you buy books for reference?

If you do either of the two above then you will need to store your books in a way that still look stylish. I love books new and old. They can be a really nice addition to your home displayed properly and can also showcase your style and tastes.

Here are a few ways to display them in your home. 



If you look hard enough there are some really cool book cases that aren't the norm. A lot of them are designer and can be pricey but if your savvy enough and love to find a bargain then you can pick them up on sites such as Ebay and don't just look in the UK open the search to other countries.

I Particularly love the Bookworm by designer 'Kartell' these start off at £280.00 (for the smallest) but as i mentioned you could search online for an Ebay bargain. This genius design allows you to bend the shelf into a shape that you love. Check it out below or click the Kartell link above.

Kartell Bookworm, is available in a number of different colours and lengths.

Kartell Bookworm, is available in a number of different colours and lengths.


Atom Book ends

Atom Book ends

My favourite book ends as they represent by business ATOM. I Love them!!

If you have certain reference books that you need to keep going back to then keep them somewhere that is accessible. Never place them on the window sill as they get discoloured. A great place to find some different ones is TK Maxx . You could always be imaginative by making your own. There are so many ways of doing this but that is another blog post completely. 



Vintage or new crates are a different way of again storing your reference books. My one is perfect for Magazines because of the size, although you could quite easily stack books horizontally and vertically.


Coffee table books

Coffee table books

One of my favourite way to showcase some of your favourite books. That are perfect for when you have visitors that are bored of your conversation ha!

Make sure you display books that are of an decent size and hard back. Not sure you would get the same effect with 50 shades of Grey!


I have left the biggest one for last. This is what i am planning to design for our living room. I would like the whole wall to be able to house the television, my vintage glass vases and best of all my favourite books. When dressing the shelves with books, my advise is not to stack them all the same way which is usually vertically, try mixing them up by laying them horizontally and vertically. When laying them horizontal add an ornament on top or a small artificial plant (as pictured on the coffee table) The image above is not for the minimalist but for those who have families so need to store more than just books. There are other ways to store books but these are my few favourites.

So if your not the proud owners of some cool books then check out my favourite shop Waterstones I am not just talking about soft back love stories, I personally cant get into them. I love practical books from places you should go in your life, to Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, business books and of course design books.

More adults and children need to read these days, god i sound old but i will always be a person that loves picking up a book than reading one on an Ipad or kindle. Vinyl has come back after all those years so maybe now is the time for books to make a big come back.

Are you a book lover if so why not send in your comments on how you style your books.

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