Be creative when it comes to planning your lighting

There are so many ways to make your home a relaxing haven to come back to to after a busy day.

I am currently doing a self build, so I am mega excited about being able to take control of our lighting. However if you currently live in an older house you could be looking at removing and revamping. Which can be just as exciting.

The beauty of a period house allows you to high light those original features such as alcoves, fireplaces and ornate coving. No matter what style or age of house you live in there is always a feature that you can use lighting to make it stand out.

Using lighting to high light particular things, doesn't need to be limited to the interior of your home, you can take this into your garden.

Placing lighting behind your favourite plants, flowers or shrubs and best of all trees can turn your garden into a magical retreat.

Pendant lighting can be used, even better with the filament bulbs, if your lucky enough to have trees in your garden. Again this gives a magical feel throughout.

These pendants lights now have a common place in the household. Many of them can be bought with different coloured cable. This style of light is not the only light that can be used in the home or garden. I have used cable lighting underneath my sofa and along the back of my tv, they can be curled and twisted to suit the area they are going to be used. If used in a garden they go well wrapped around a tree trunk. So remember this when visiting your local garden store.

Another trend in lighting is the use of vintage wall lights that have an aged patina these can also be used inside or outside. They not only look great outside as a back door light but also look fab if your interior d├ęcor has a slight industrial feel to it.

When designing your lighting inside, a point I would like to make is keeping your lighting in line with any natural light you have and boost the areas that are neglected from the natural light. It is always a pleasure to have plenty of natural light but this isn't always possible. Using spotlights on the floor can really make a difference to a room that is lacking in this. For example a basement can sometimes feel like the ceiling is low so adding light upwards can extend this and can result in making the room feel bigger. As well as adding down lighters.

This image shows how natural lighting is creating  enough light for a certain part of a room. Leaving other areas neglected.

This image shows how natural lighting is creating  enough light for a certain part of a room. Leaving other areas neglected.

From small properties that have a lack of light and big properties that are flooded with natural light use lighting as more of a showcase and to highlight again as mentioned before a feature. If you are lucky enough to have a barn conversion then you will probably have natural beams and roof space that is your main feature. When lighting these areas many people just go for the spotlight light option. I would go for  pendant lighting that ties in with the rustic wooden beams but lowers the light a little more into your room. I would also use the spotlights in the gaps that the pendant lights don't fall into, this them lifts the light up into the darkened areas.

So with all these lighting options, which one would you chose and for what area. Would love to see your photos so getting sending them in.

Claire HornComment