Carnaby Street London is it one of the best places to eat?


I love London as there is so much to offer especially to someone like me that lives down at the bottom half of the UK for what seems like miles and miles away from everything that is current, trendy and happening.

One part that London offers is great places to eat and drink. However do these places offer what I often talk about on my blog. A trendy well thought out and clean toilet.

In a place like Carnaby Street, you would imagine that every restaurant and pub would make sure they are above standards on pretty much everything seeing as there is so much competition. This isn't the case!!

I first visited a good old Irish Sports pub that i have to say was pretty good with their interior decor but also made the effort downstairs in the toilets.

I always worry if toilets are in the basements of establishments in London because they can end up smelly and damp. 

O'neills have proved me wrong. The toilets were clean. Safe but nice interior styling and they had Fresh Flowers, something that every girl or most girls would like to see. Especially if the flowers are still alive, this shows that there is someone checking the toilets regularly.

And yes i would say Carnaby Street is one of the best places to eat.

Now for the next,  im sad to say this wasnt as good.

A fun looking pub, bursting with trade.

 Most Sports pubs are the same though when theres a big match to be watched. This pub was the Shakespeares head, just off Carnaby Street, called Great Marlborough street or Foubert Place as its situated on a corner (SOHO).

Now this pub had their toilets in the basement :-( .

So down the stairs i trotted in the hope that because the O'neill pub previously had possibly changed my view on basement toilets i thought I might be in luck a second time?


To start it was Dark and didn't smell great.

Then after trying to avoid touching any part of the cubicle door, alas there was no lock and there were only two cubicles and for such a busy little pub there were a fair few ladies that needed the loo.

So after trying to sit on the toilet whilst pressing my foot on the door and asking for toilet roll to be passed from the next door cubicle without it touching the rank floor, I came out straight onto the sink, which was pretty much a few cm's away from the door itself.

Mmm spot the error now? no right tap, no soap and no indication of whether the working tap was hot or cold, i was hoping at this point it was hot due to wanting to sterilise my hands as much as possible, with the lack of soap.

So a little pre warning for those of you out and about in Soho.

Sorry Shakespeares head, nice little pub but horrible toilets.

Claire HornComment