What makes you as a MUM or DAD proud of your children?

The Moment that you sit back and realise how your children really are super.

There has been times in my life of bringing two girls up where I think wow how times have changed and how the teenagers of today rely on social media, so never putting their phones down, laptops or ipads, sorry and also tablets. Although I'm 40 and im always on my phone however mainly work related and blogging.

When I was younger and use to visit my Grandparents in London, I spent many hours baking in the kitchen with my grandmas recipes. No mobile phones or laptops then! just my Sony walkman blasting out Aha.

One thing my Grandma wasnt expecting was that I was to teach her my recipe!!!! that was my Green Sponge cake. What was i thinking? Well why should a sponge cake be a boring neutral colour ??? so I added green food colouring and the occasional mint flavouring. As we would also be making mint creams too from icing sugar. Poor Grandad didn't know what had hit him when I served my green mint with a cup of tea.

There, its clear I am not the only one to think that it would work, even at the tender age of about 9. You can find many a Green cake on Google.

Well i have two daughters, Olivia 16 and Georgia 19.

I'm trying to get Olivia to start blogging as she is film boff, not really sure what else to call it. If you want to know an actor/actress or a movie then shes the person to ask. Hence why I think she should be a young film critic. She's also got a real insight to business. She was serving coffee in my vintage airstream to the likes of Harry Enfield and meeting Jeremy Clarkson and Alex James. Such a young age. Their minds are like sponges they soak up most things you teach them as long as they enjoy them.

This makes me extremely proud. I think if you can, it is vital to teach your kids , what us adults have to do to make a living and try and create a business. I think this allows them to see work ethics at an early age and this can really help their knowledge when its time for them to get a job as a teenager.

You name it Olivia could make a latte, a cappuccino , milk shake and gave the correct change all at the age of 10. Georgia my eldest was the same however she was 13 and was interested in making the stock.

Georgia is the baker in the family. Having won her first competition at school on her activities week. I think it was called ready steady cook. Any way she won doing an amazing dish that even I at 40 wouldn't have thought of doing and she was 14. She did stuffed Aubergine???? looked amazing and impressive enough to win.

Now she cannot stop baking and really has a talent. Check out below some of her creations.


Pistachio and Lemon drizzle cake


Homity Pie




Chocolate Brownie


Lemon and pistachio four layer sponge


Raspberry and White Chocolate cake.


Spiced Apple cake. (Dutch Apple cake)

So after all of that. These are just a couple of things that make me proud of my girls.

Its good to let them know and if you have got something that makes you proud or your sprogs, share it here!!!!

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Happy Teenage parenting everyone.

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