The reasons why i love Plymouths new addition!

 Having decided to change the way I eat and try out the Veganuary (after watching Leonardo De Caprio's Cowspiricay ) I not only thought it would be a struggle to #1 to change how I was bought up to eat and drink  #2 to understand what does and doesn't contain milk ! and #3 to miss eating fish and drinking dairy ( I was already a vegetarian although still ate fish) now I have completely stopped everything and have gone plant based. I now love cooking and experimenting and the food tastes so flavoursome. I have to admit that I haven't told many people up until now, because people kind of think your a complete nutty activist and no I DO NOT CRITICISE meat eaters I keep myself to myself as everyone has their own right to eat what they want. I personally love it and so everyone to their own. The other obstacle I thought I would find tricky was going out for food and whether restaurants /caf├ęs could cater for a vegan. Veganism has now become so popular I cant believe how many places offer it now. Having a daughter that has been a vegan for a couple of years now has been a great help, before I decided to change my diet we went for lunch in the Samphire Brasserie Plymouth. Not in the most desirable part of town but wow what amazing food and they are voted the top 10 best vegan restaurants in the UK by Trip advisor. Then when researching on google vegan restaurants in Plymouth there are many have vegan options, I'm yet to try many but hopefully that doesn't just mean you can have a bowl of chips LOL. 

Samphire Brasserie Plymouth

Samphire Brasserie Plymouth

The next trial was the new Bill's in Drake Circus having been to the Exeter branch I knew no matter what the standards would be pretty good, they actually exceeded that. Not only was the interior of great standards check out the images!

The interior is so intriguing so I checked out the website to find out the story of Bill's lovely story especially how he sources the individual interior pieces for each branch. So back to the vegan menu, Interiors always get in the way of my train of thought. The menu offers vegan hooray another one for the list. The menu is easy to read DF (dairy free) V (vegetarian) VE (vegan) . My choice was wild mushroom soup god this was lush so overall Bill's is recommended whether your Vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater the service was also fabulous. Will be sure to blog about any other I try! happy eating everyone.

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