Martin Roberts Foundation

We all know Martin Roberts for presenting Homes under the Hammer which he currently presents with Martel Maxwell. However there is more to Martins Roberts then you probably realise, he is an investor, property expect, entrepreneur and an author and founder of a wonderful charity. He is very passionate about his Martin Roberts Foundation . So here is a little bit about it.

The Martin Roberts Foundation

Registered Charity: 1172905

The Martin Roberts Foundation is the brainchild of TV presenter and property expert, Martin Roberts as a vehicle to raise money through donations and sponsorship to support carefully selected educational and well-being initiatives for children and young people. As a Father himself and a long time supporter and campaigner for the NSPCC , Martin set up the charity to help address the need for on going awareness of charities like Childline amongst children and young people. In a world where childhood mental health issues are making the headlines regularly, Martin and The Foundation want to show children that there CAN BE A BETTER WAY and that help is out there, no matter how big or small the problem is.

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The aim of the Martin Roberts Foundation is to provide help for children and young people through the delivery of relevant and targeted information and educational activities. Our aim is to help to enable youngsters to develop skills, capacities and capabilities that will enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals - no matter their beginnings and the challenges they face.

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So if you want to help check out the link  the series of books that are available to purchase are a great  of lovely and really endearing stories.

You will be helping put a stop to bullying, intimidation whether it is face to face or in cyberspace.

There is a way to end this and I love the way Martin is so passionate about this. So come on guys help him to put a STOP to the issues that children are currently going through and are up against if you would like to donate or if you fancy doing a little bit of fundraising, maybe your child's school fancies doing a fundraising day or event?  then click the link below.