How to clean your house and help save the planet at the same time.

Clean your way to a better planet.

I did a blog a while ago on a cleaning products for wooden flooring, suitable for Laminate and natural wooden floorboards.

I was worried that using bleach or other products would eventually cause damage to the flooring. Obviously I didn't use neat bleach I use to add a drop to CIF floor cleaner, until I thought I would try Method . Not only do you waste the other products by pouring OVER the required amount into a bucket , with Method floor cleaners you actually just squeeze and mop and it only allows a certain amount in every squeeze.

I new method floor cleaner would be good because I had experience in using their Granite worktop cleaner. The Granite work top I had was  a shiny finish so when I used a basic spray cleaner to wipe clean it would leave a horrible smear giving the granite a cloudy look and actually making it look dirty. However not with the Granite cleaner wipe it down and then dry off with a microfiber and you can see you face in it.

The reason for this blog is down to a question that I was asked and that was what would be a good cleaner for Ceramic floor tiles? Again I directed them to the Methods website.

Another floor product they provide apart from the wooden one is their hard floor cleaner. Which smells of Lemon and Ginger. No strong toxic smell as it is toxic free, biodegradable, and wax free. So leaving your tiled floor clean smelling gorgeous and looking lovely and shiny.

As I mentioned the reason that we should start purchasing these products are not only good for the environment but they also don’t test these products on animals!!!!! can you believe that some cleaning companies still do this. What a disgrace!

Method all the way for me.

It may cost a little more! because unfortunately it costs the companies more to supply biodegradable products so ultimately the cost of the product goes up. Just remember, that you are doing your part in helping the environment and those poor animals.

Another point that may sway you is……….

If you take your time to clean your home, you obviously take great pride in your home. Many of you spend thousands of £’s on transforming your kitchens or bathrooms. Pretty much everyone has a bottle of hand soap on our sinks whether that is in the kitchen or the bathroom. Do most of you buy a ceramic pump to decanter your shop bought soap into so that it matches with your bathroom?? come on if you've spent thousands to make your kitchen or Bathroom look amazing your not going to want unsightly cleaning products on show. These ceramic soap pumps may look nice but you start filling it up with soap from a plastic bottle and again and again filling it up, accumulating more and more plastic bottles? which we are all trying so hard to reduce. 

Do you also find that the pump ends up rusting? because of the chemicals used in the hand soaps? not a great sign seeing as your putting this chemical on your hands on a daily basis. Don't forget Method is developed to eliminate harsh chemicals.

Method also eliminates  the other points above  by offering a beautiful looking bottle that looks amazing in any kitchen or bathroom and to stop the over sell of plastic bottles they use a refill system which is enough to refill your soap 3 times which means your again eliminating three plastic bottles.

How does Interior Styling play a part?

 Recently they have used Ink evangelist Johanna Basford the queen of adult colouring to come up with a few designs for the bottles, Method then allowed their facebook fans to chose their favourite design which turned out to be the Hummingbird Garden design as seen below. Also the Rose Gold collection, who wouldn't want these on show in the bathroom or kitchen? What a genius idea to design a bottle that matches the latest interior design trends.

Atominteriorstyling plymouth.jpg
The Rose Gold Collection

The Rose Gold Collection

Cleaning can also be stylish in your home.